Deasophy: Goddess Wisdom

A visual presentation by Max Dashu

A visual journey into the female Divine: as Snake, as Mother, as Waters, as Sun, as Spider and Tree and Corn, as Earth or Heavens. Creatrix, holy Wisdom, the Fates, the Tao: the numinous, primal Mystery. We gaze at ancient figurines in clay and stone and ivory; statues, seals, ceramics, rock murals, megaliths, pipes, codices, ancestor carvings and masks. Ranging from Ecuador to Zimbabwe to Iran and China and the Balkans, to Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, Eurasia and Indiana, this show draws on the resplendent collection of the Suppressed Histories Archives.

90 minutes, plus time for discussion and questions.
All titles are in-person visual presentations (average 90 minutes)
with a break midway and more time for questions and discussion.
Tech requirements: digital projector with VGA cable, screen, and mic

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