Max Dashu

Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970 to research and document women's history from an international perspective. She built a collection of 15,000 slides and 30,000 digital images, and has created 150 slideshows on female cultural heritages across human history. For titles and descriptions, see the online catalog. (Read some of the enthusiastic responses to these dynamic presentations here.) Dashu's work bridges the gap between academia and grassroots education. It foregrounds indigenous women passed over by standard histories and highlights female spheres of power retained even in some patriarchal societies.

For over 40 years, Max Dashu has presented hundreds of slide talks at universities, community centers, bookstores, schools, libraries, prisons, galleries, festivals and conferences around North America and in Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Australia, Belgium, and Austria. She has keynoted at conferences (Feminism in London, 2015; Women's Voices for a Change at Skidmore, 2013; Association for Women and Mythology, 2010; Pagan Studies at Claremont University, 2008, and Domestic Violence Conference at Rutgers, 2005, among others).

Dashu is known for her expertise on ancient female iconography in world archaeology, women shamans, witches and the witch hunts, mother-right cultures, patriarchies and the origins of domination. Her critique of Cynthia Eller's The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory (2000) opened up space for more objective consideration of the evidence for egalitarian matrilineages.(“Knocking Down Straw Dolls" (2000), republished in Feminist Theology 13.2 (2005), Sage Publications, UK). Two of her articles were published in Goddesses in World Mythology (Praeger, 2010).

Dashu has just published Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion, 700-1100 (Veleda Press, 2016). This book is Vol VII in the 15-volume series Secret History of the Witches, with more volumes forthcoming. She has also produced two videos on dvd: Women's Power in Global Perspective (2008: view clips here) and Woman Shaman: the Ancients (2013 - view trailer). Her daily posts on the Suppressed Histories page on Facebook are followed by over 150,000 people, and her articles on have received 34,000 views, consistently ranking in the top 0.5% on that site.

A Partial List of Suppressed Histories Presentations

April, 2016 The Distaff: Fates, Witches, and Women's Power Association for Women and Mythology, Boston

Mar, 2016 Women's Power in Global Perspective, Dayton University OH

Feb. 2016 Seidstaffs of the Völur, Pantheacon Conference, San Jose CA

Nov. 2015 Medicine for Women's Spirits, Annual Lydia Ruyle Lecture, University of Northern Colorado

Oct 2015 Keynote at Feminism in London conference: Women's Power, Women's Oppression, Women's History

Oct 2015 Witches and Pagans; Witch Hunts, Vrouenbron, Brasschaat, Belgium

Oct 2015 Women's Power and Rebel Shamans, Associazione Armonie, Bologna, Italy

Oct 2015 Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers, Matriarkhiv / Kantonsbibliotek, St Gallen, Switzerland

Oct 2015 Female Rebels and Mavericks, Frauenmuseum, Wiesbaden, Germany

July 2015 The Hebrew Goddess, Kohenet Institute Retreat, Nevada City, CA

Mar 2015 Rebel Shamans: Women Confront Empire, Eugene, Oregon

May 2015 Diosas de Mexico, San Jose State University, California

March 2015 Treasures from the Suppressed Histories Archives, The Kolo, Olympia, Washington

March 2015 Women's Power in Global Perspective Mt Hood College, Oregon

Nov 2014 Global Patterns of Colonization and Indigenous Resistance, State Library of Queensland, AU

Nov 2014 Witch Hunts, Grange Library, Brisbane, Australia

Nov 2014 Rebel Shamans, Thornbury Community Hall, Melbourne, Australia

Nov 2014 Conversations with Max Dashu, Northcote Community Hall, Melbourne

Oct 2014 Legacies of the Priestess, GAIA Conference, Sydney, Australia

August 2014 Neolithic Female Icons, California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco

August 2014 Screening of Woman Shaman: the Ancients, Spirit House, Ft Bragg CA

May 2013 Priestesses in World Cultures, Amalya's Studio, Escondido CA

Nov 2013 Lecture tour in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Coffs Harbor, Maitland, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia

June 2013 Keynote: Medicine for Women's Spirits Women's Voices for a Change, Saratoga Springs NY

Dec 2012 Woman Shaman and Rebel Shamans Akademie Hagia, Bavaria

Dec 2012 Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe, Bibliothek Vadiana, St Gallen, Switzerland

Dec 2012 Goddesses Around the World Frauenmuseum, Wiesbaden, Germany

Dec 2012 Suppressed Histories of Women Womanspirit Ireland, Dublin

Dec 2012 Joint Lecture with Mary Condren, Theological Club, Trinity College, Dublin

Dec 2013 The Ancient Roots of Faughart and Brigit Dundalk Institute of Technology Ireland

Nov 2012 Treasures for Women from the Suppressed Histories Archives, Trinity College, Dublin

Nov 2012 Testimony of the Image: Women in the Global Cultural Record at the National
Women's Studies Association conference, Oakland CA

May 2012 Ancestral Women and Shamans Association for Women and Mythology, San Francisco

Mar 2012 Global Women's Movements (with Mamakoatl) La Peña, Berkeley CA

Nov 2011 Sacred Women in the Americas, Faith and Feminism / Mujerista Conference, San Francisco

Apr 2011 Ancient Treasures of African Women, Castlebraid Arts Center, Brooklyn

Mar 2011 Woman Shaman San Jose State University, CA

Mar 2011 Rebel Shamans: Women Confront Empire, Berkeley City College, CA

July 2010 Restoring Women to Cultural Memory, Redwood Gardens, Berkeley CA

    Jun 2010 Treasures of African Women, African Diaspora Ons Suriname Center, Amsterdam

    Jun  2010 Tesori Sconosciuti delle Donne, Casa Internazionale dell Donne, Rome, Italy

    Jun 2010 Tesori Sconosciuti delle Donne, Associazione Armonie, Bologna, Italy

    May 2010 Rebel Shamans, Matriaval Spiritual Politics Conference, Hambacher Schloss, Germany

    Apr 2010 Conference Keynote: Grandmother Stones, Association for Women in Mythology, Bangor PA
    Mar 2010 Vision for the Long Count: 40 Years of the Suppressed Histories Archives, Berkeley CA  

    Mar 2010 Female Rebels and Mavericks, University of Dayton, Ohio

     Mar 2010 Woman Shaman, California State University – San Jose

2009 Teach-In on Patriarchal Violence, for Rosas en el Mar (16 Days Toward the Elimination of Violence
Against Women and Girls), San Francisco

2009 Suppressed Histories: Iran for the Iranian Student Alliance in America, UC-Berkeley

2009 Female Seers, Prophetesses, and Medicine Women Exhibit and presentation at Dimond Library, Oakland CA

2009 Rebel Shamans: Indigenous Women Confront Empire, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists

2009 Witch Hunts at Media Education Foundation, Northampton MA

2009 The Goddess Veiled at Sagrada Bookstore, Oakland CA

2009 Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers, in Sebastopol CA

2009 Suppressed Histories: Afghanistan, Redwood Gardens, Berkeley CA

2009 Woman Shaman for Northern California Women Herbalists Symposium, Laytonville CA

2009 The Canaanite and Hebrew Goddesses, ITP Women's Spirituality Program, Palo Alta CA

2009 Sacra Vulva, California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco

2008 Keynote Speech: Chaos and the Restoration of Pagan Wisdom. Pagan Studies Conference,
Claremont Graduate University, Pomona CA

2008 Rebel Shamans: Indigenous Women Confront Empire. Pantheacon, San Jose CA

2008 Premiere of Women's Power DVD, Redwood Gardens, Berkeley CA

2008 Goddess Cosmologies. Center for Divine Feminine, Palo Alto CA

2008 Female Rebels and Mavericks. M.I.T. Student Support Services, Cambridge MA

2008 Taming the Female Body. Andover Unitarian Church, MA

2008 Chinese Deasophy. The Women's Well, West Concord MA

2008 Rebel Shamans. Media Education Foundation, Northampton MA

2007 Woman Shaman at Queenswood Centre, Victoria, B.C.

2007 Woman Shaman at Alliance for Arts and Culture, Vancouver B.C.

2007 Rebel Shamans. Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, San Antonio TX

2007 Women Healers, Daughtry Center, Austin TX

2007 Woman Shaman at SheShamans Conference, Calistoga CA

2007 Mother-Right and Gender Justice, Landmark College, Putney VT

2007 Suppressed Histories: Arabia at UU Church, Springfield MA

2007 Suppressed Histories: the Philippines, at New College of California, San Francisco

2006 Female Shamans as Indigenous Liberators, National Women's Association Conference, Oakland CA

(also presented at the Global Justice Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in July 2006)

2006 Women's Power, Center for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii, Honolulu

2006 Suppressed Histories: Japan, at Ancient Ways, Oakland CA

2005 Conference Keynote at "Domestic Violence: Transformation Theory for Practice" at Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ

2005 Female Rebels and Mavericks, at M.I.T, Cambridge, and at The Fund for Women Artists, Northampton MA

2005 Mother Right and Gender Justice, 2nd World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, San Marcos, TX

2005 Women's Power, for Sigma Theta Psi, Multicultural Sorority, Stanford University, CA

2005 The Canaanite and Hebrew Goddess, at Belladonna, Berkeley CA

2005 Taming the Female Body, at Change Makers for Women, Oakland CA

2004 Icons of the Matrix, at Female Mysteries of the Substratum Conference, Rila, Bulgaria

2004 Women's Power, at M.I.T., Cambridge Massachusetts

2004 Women's Power, at Queens College CUNY, New York

2004 Suppressed Histories: Asia Minor, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco

2004 Goddess Cosmologies, Isis Ancient Cultures and Religion Society, Los Angeles

2004 Priestesses, at Unitarian-Universalist Church, Andover, MA

2003 Female Rebels and Mavericks, at University of Connecticut, Storrs

2003 Female Rebels and Mavericks, U-Mass Amherst

2003 Women's Power, Washington State University, Bellingham

2003 The Goddess Veiled, University of Oregon, Eugene

2002 Women Elders, University of Connecticut, Storrs

2002 Women's Power, Princeton University Women's Center

2002 Witches and Pagans, New College of San Francisco, California

2001 Racism, History and Lies, San Francisco State University

2001 Women's Rites and Symbols, John F. Kennedy University, Orinda CA

2000 Drummers: The Women, Pantheacon Conference, San Francisco

2000 Series for Archaeomythology course, New College, San Francisco

2000 Racism: History and Lies, University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland

1999 Suppressed Histories Series, Museo de San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

1998 Keynote address on Women in Power, California State University at Chico

1998 The Fates, Goddess 2000 Conference, La Honda CA

1997 Woman Shaman, California State University at Sacramento

1996 Racism: History and Lies, San Francisco State University

1996 Women in Power, Stanford University Women's Center

1994 Racism: History and Lies, University of California at Fresno

1989 Witch Hunts, Lewis and Clarke College, Portland Oregon

1988 Women of Power, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1987 Three slide lectures, Women's Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison

1987 Slide lecture series, University of Victoria, British Columbia

1986 Women of Power, Everywoman's Center, U- Massachusetts at Amherst

1986 From Women's Hands, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

1986 Three slide lectures for the Women's Center at Princeton University

1986-93 Six slide lectures, Northwestern University Women's Center, Evanston

1985 Suppressed Histories Series, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum

1985 Slide lecture series, Evergreen State College, Olympia WA

1984 Slide lecture series, San Francisco Women's Building

1984 From Women's Hands, Santa Rita Women's Prison, Pleasanton

1984 Lecture series, Center for the Study of Women, UC-Berkeley

1983 Indian Women Artists, Artista Indígena exhibit, Canessa Gallery, San Francisco

1982 Suppressed Histories: Sahara and Sudan, National Women's Studies Association Conferemce

1980 Women in Power, University of Washington, Seattle

1979 Suppressed Histories Slide Series, La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley CA

1977 Women in Mexico, Elmwood Women's Facility, Milpitas CA

1976 Women of Power, Mountain-Moving Cafe, Portland OR

1975 Women of Power, Full Moon Coffeehouse, San Francisco

1974 Matriarchives, A Woman's Place Bookstore, Oakland CA


Dashu has acted as historical consultant for a variety of projects, including Donna Deitch's film, Woman to Woman (1973-4) and the San Francisco Women's Building mural project (1994).