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"I have come from the school of medicine at Heliopolis, and have studied at the women's school at Sais where the divine mothers have taught me how to cure diseases."
---from Temple of the goddess Neit
at Sais, Nile delta


“Do not look upon me as an appendage of that great general or that reknowned scholar… I am in my own right a whole person, responsible to myself alone, for all that I am, all that I say, all that I do.”
---Emilie du Châtelet, 18th century mathematician












Women's Power

Women’s Power, an 85-minute video by Max Dashú, provides a
panoramic view of female leadership, creativity, wisdom, and courage,
around the world and over thousands of years.

This acclaimed dvd looks at female spheres of power in politics, economics, religion, medicine, arts and letters, featuring a rich tapestry of women famous and anonymous, ancient and modern.

These are the bold and creative women you always knew existed, who were kept out of the history books and off the TV screens. Seeing their reality will change how you think about female humanity. If you've ever wondered where the women were— you'll want to see this movie.

Prelude: They skipped her when they wrote history
Monumental women: Ancestral Mothers
Founders, Chieftains, and Queens
Clan Mothers: Structural Social Power
Builders, Potters, Weavers:
Life-sustaining Arts and Technologies
Providers: Foragers, Farmers, Fishers and Traders
Women Elders
Seers, Shamans, Priestesses
Healers, Medicine Women, Physicians
Athletes, Warriors, Rebels
Educators and Scientists
Revolutionaries and Liberators
Activists for Justice and Peace

Plus two extras:
Restoring Women to Cultural Memory
and More Early Female M.D.s

Music by Terri Rivera Piatt, Julie Hammond, Matú Feliciano and Rumba Mezclao (Randi Covin, Aiko Iseyama and Susan Ortiz), Laney Goodman and Kay Stoner, José María Córdova, Suzanne Teng, Macha Caíone, Lynn Waters, Chip Murdock, and Solace.

Hatshepsut • the Kandakes • Sondok • Libusche • Trung Sisters • Boudicca • Maria Hebraea • Anacaona • Walladah bint-al-Mustakfi • Enheduanna • Lweji • Karaikkalammayar • Yeshe Tsogyel • Marie de France • Mama Huaco • Abla Pokou • Nanyehi • Gabriela Silang • Lozen • Catalina Erausa • Cecile Fatiman • Matilda Joslyn Gage • Kartini Solo • Zitkala-Sa • Niuta Teitelboim • Violeta Parra • Mileva Maric • Lilian Ngoyi • Anna Mae Aquash • María Candelaria • Samsi of Nabataea • and more...

The full transcript of Women's Power is available free online
along with a study guide for discussion

Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970.
She has created 100 presentations on global women’s history (see catalog)
and has presented them at universities and grassroots venues for nearly 40 years.
Her articles and book excerpts are on this site.

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More about the musicians who contributed to the DVD:

Terri Rivera Piatt

Matú Feliciano

Julie Hammond

Laney Goodman

Suzanne Teng

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