Selected excerpts from volumes in the series by Max Dashu..

Secret History of the Witches//

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The Elder Kindreds

The Pythias and Other Oracular Women

Searching for Diana (not updated)

Patria Potestas (not updated)

The Women's Mysteries in Rome

Early Roman Persecutions

Priestesses Under the Empire

Sosipatra of Pergamum

Hypatia of Alexandria

Kings Against Witches

Herbs, Knots, and Contraception

Names of the Witch


The Witch Holda and Her Retinue


Invasions Under the Cross

Accusing the Jews

The Old Goddess

The Good Women Who Go By Night

Tregenda of the Witches

Serpent in the Mound

The Grand Inquisitor of Toulouse

Charmers and Enchantments

The Dancers


The Politics of Witchcraft Studies

Xorguinas and Celestinas


Reign of the Demonologists


The Crucible of Western Civilization

Colonial Hunts in South America

Legacies: Old Ways in the Shadow of the Witch Hunts

Banishing the Spirits

From Bluebeard to Blackstone


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