Suppressed Histories Course 2019

This online course includes monthly visual livecasts / webinars, readings, and discussions via the Veleda email matrix. Readings include advance excerpts from my forthcoming book Pythias, Melissae, and Pharmakides This course offers a very eclectic set of readings, images, and discussions on female shamans and priestesses internationally; female icons / ancient figurines / goddesses; matricultural societies; systems of domination. Some of my new visual talks will be livecast, on Ancient Egypt; Iran; Britain; the Sahara, and international-spectrum shows such as Dangerous Women and a series on Patriarchies. Course members vote on topics for most livecasts. We're also planning to offer discussions with guest speakers Luisah Teish, Mary Condren, and others. You can subscribe at any time:

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This course funds and sustains my research in global women's history. Thanks for your support!

Max Dashu, director, Suppressed Histories Archives (founded 1970)

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