Amazons and Women Warriors

a visual presentation by Max DashĂș

women warriors from Japan, Turkey, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Ukraine, Central Asia, and Kiowa Country

Amazon legends recounted of women in Ukraine, Turkey, Libya, and Brazil. Gulaim and the Qyrk Qyz (Forty Maidens) of Central Asia. Images of images from Greece and Italy. The Amazon reliefs of Udyagiri caves in Odissa, Sassanian women warriors. Vlasa and the Czech Amazons. Kitami the Amazon queen of Mpororo in southern Uganda. The princess warrior Yennega of Burkino Faso, and the Hausa warrior queen Amina of Zaria, Nigeria. The Amazons of Dahomey. Medieval women warriors in Europe and Asia. Tomoe Gozen and Han Gaku in Japan; Hua Mulan in China, and the female generals Trung Trac and Trung Nhi in Vietnam. Lozen, medicine warrior of the Chicahua Apache. Warrior women of the Kiowa and other Plains Nations. Courageous activists of Afghanistan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Kurdistan. and Native North and South America. The Gulabi Gang of warriors for women and the oppressed.

Live visual presentation. 90 minutes, with extra time
for discussion and questions (60-minute version also available).
Requirements: digital projector, screen, mic

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"During the fight between the natives of St Croix and the [invading] Spaniards, a Galician was slain by an Indian woman, and another soldier was seriously wounded." According to an account by Peter "Martyr", who also "relates that the St Croix Indians who made the attack appeared to be governed by the same woman who inflicted the wounds on the slain Spaniard and his companion." --Theodor de Booy, Archaeology of the Virgin Islands, Indian Notes and Monographs, Vol. I No. 1 New York Museum of the American Indian, 1919

Armenian warriors

Armenian women warriors -- i think

Arabian warrior queens Zabibi and her successor Samsi reigned circa 740-720 BCE, commanding armies with numerous female warriors to fight Assyrian invaders

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