Snake Women

A live visual presentation by Max Dashu

Goddesses, ancestors, shapeshifters, priestesses and shamans around the world. We view rock art from Australia, Brazil, Utah, and South Africa; seals from eastern Iran, Canaanite gold, Egyptian stelae, Aztec statues and masks from Nigeria to Ivory coast. We'll see how the theme of the woman who grasps serpents in both hands spans continents, and also she who is belted with snakes. We look at snake goddesses from Egypt, Mexico, Germany, China, India, Dahomey, and python oracles from Greece, Malawi, and Surinam. Snaky women from Mali's Inland Delta of the Niger, from Argentinian bronzes, from Frankish ivories and Romanesque churches. Fairies and saints, Chinese shamans, Mami Wata and Santa Marta la Dominicana.

90 minutes, with break and extra time for discussion and questions. Live visual talk; requires digital projector, screen or light wall suitable for projection, and mic.

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