A Gallery of Pornified "witches"

© 2011 Max Dashu

Entitled "high priestess," this one has the most serious proportionality issues (especially the head! apparently lopped off of a kewpie doll). And she has a roaring case of anorexia to boot.

But *someone* thinks she's pretty, and besides, look at all those books... maybe she is supposed to be smart...

Oh for cripes sake!

The stupidity of this one (from a game site) is obvious. But, more insidiously, it is framed as part of an infantilizing choice of stereotypes
("Which witch are you?") that women are supposed to match themselves to: sorceress, enchantress, shaman, necromancer, etc. Thus encouraging women to buy into highly sexualized, trivilizing, and sometimes demonizing definitions of "witch."

After those, this one has at least a bit of character, but still so predictable.

"Wicca": Really??? You sure that is not Morticia in a fury after an acid attack ruined her dress?

So this is the pattern. At least some of these warrior "witches" look like you'd better not mess with them, even if they are all wearing Goth pinup outfits.

"The Scarlet Witch": standard porn mode,
but the first of the lot to actually have hips.

Another strange case of thighs bigger than waist, and even wider than her ribcage.

Witch? No, sorry, that is Catwoman.

I protest!

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