A Gallery of Pornified "Goddesses"

© 2011 Max Dashu

I can't stand it. These posed, stilted, playmate-like "goddesses", sticking their breasts out and pouting like lipstick models are all over the net. You've seen them - on Youtube, on Facebook, in comix and videogames. They're proliferating like mad. This is not empowerment; it constrains the female to the same toxic scripts as the mass media.

I would've liked this painting if he had just left out that poor, contorted woman, with a head bigger that her waist. And what is she doing with her right leg? This artist does the same model-type over and over in different haircolor and fashions. Bizarrely, he calls it "Mythic Naturalism."

OH! I am so demure, so fair, and my proportions conventionally Barbie-like. My leg is drawn up in the obligatory bent-knee pose, and my gaze downcast. I am ready to do thy bidding.
I show that even Nike, valiant winged goddess of Victory, can thrust her breasts out and arch her back as much as any pinup girl. I gaze fixedly at my ulna, which somehow inspires me. And I can fly! even though one of my wings is attached to my shoulder and the other to my kidney. This alone makes me a goddess.
I am the Prom Queen Goddess (see my tiara?). I carry paganish symbols but never forget to point my toes and keep my legs together. Oooh.
Coy much? This simpering ninny with the batwings is titled "Morrigan." Wait til the real Morrigan, the Irish goddess of battle, gets her claws on the artist.
Another waste of talent:
there's some beauty here,
the leggings are kind of cool,
but the stereotypical pose ruins it.

Yes, arched back, butt out, that's required, and so are the tiny waists and stick-arms. It's all about display, never embodied Presence.

Good luck dancing on those rocks with the stilettos.

This one at least has muscles! though her body type otherwise fits the mold. Still, the muscles lend a little dynamism, even if she looks like she's about to expire from sucking in that belly.

What is it with the pointed toes?

Pornified goddess template. "Flashbunny," nuff said.

It's not just the "goddesses": meet the "shamans."


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