Women in rock art: Niger and Mali

boulder petroglyph of women with arms raised, animals

Invocatory scene, Niger


round-headed women with upraised hands, boulder petroglyph

Tageuit, Air Teneré, Niger. Several figures have a hand drum,
basket, or calabash looped over their arms


female figure holding hand drum, possibly

Maybe it is a hand drum. Niger.


another round-headed figure with the drum or circular object

Here again the round object is hung from the elbow of a round-headed figure whose hands are lifted in invocation, with chakra-like patterns on her torso midline. Tageuit, Air Teneré, Niger.


long-tressed women sitting or dancing in crouched  position

Essouk, Mali


oasis scene with people painted in red ochre
Oasis scene at unknown site. Upper left, family group.
Below, ceremony around seated woman with upraised hands.

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