Vulture Goddesses and Ancestral Women


This vessel has it all: Goddess in the boat, this time with a tree and a frond-standard, and the three women too; outside the boat, a priestess and another group of women.

Notice the hair of the woman at far left, which looks just like the mysterious symbol shown on pots on earlier pages. (See another image of it below.)

At top are the mountains that appear on many predynastic pots, and below, a portal with net pattern.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.


women with arms raised in invocation

These invoking women also appear in ancient Arabian rock art,
across the Red Sea.




Tanzania ochre-painted rock wall: women with big hair, in pretty much the same style as the Kemetic ceramics.


boat and fan on pot

View of the fan floating in the air above the boats, often wielded by women.


So small you can barely make it out, but featuring mountains, boat with standard, divine woman, fan, and animals.



For comparison, another example of the Kemetic woman's hair / tree / bee /
moth / fan symbol, whatever it is.



Max Dashu, The Suppressed Histories Archives

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